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7. November 2022

Community tokens as a business model for the consulting industry

A master’s thesis from the FHNW shows how community tokens can be meaningfully integrated into the business model of a consulting company like Qudits and what […]
5. September 2022

Decentralization – does it actually matter?

What is the value of decentralization for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other blockchains? What advantages and disadvantages does it bring, and is it really better than traditional […]
25. July 2022

How artificial intelligence complements humans

From talking devices to digital assistants to cooperative robots, artificial intelligence is firmly integrated into our everyday lives. It is evolving faster than expected and in […]
28. February 2022

Community tokens: business model of the future or blockchain gimmick?

Community tokens are already gaining initial traction with soccer clubs, but what exactly are these tokens? What could this business model of the future look like […]
17. November 2021

The value of blockchains and cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin and blockchains are so valuable because they not only modernize the way we use money, but also invented a new form of organization.
23. March 2021

Success in the Digital Age

A successful Digital Transformation consists of three levels: the technology, the organizational prerequisites and the actual fields of action. We show the interrelationships.
7. December 2020

2030 – a different world

Based on a discussion of the 2020 crisis, we identify the key factors that will lead companies successfully into the next decade.