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30. May 2023

Quality management as a critical project success factor

How effective quality management continuously improves project procedures and process, reduces effort, increases efficiency, and thus leads to a better overall result.
17. May 2023

HERMES 2022 – changes at a glance

On April 1, 2023, HERMES 2022 replaced the previous HERMES 5.1. We summarize the most important differences and show what the changes mean in practice.
21. March 2023

Project management – classic, agile, or hybrid?

A practical guide on when we recommend the use of the classical, agile and hybrid methodology in project management.
24. January 2023

Why the initialization phase is so underrated

With the right preparation, many challenges and risks in projects can be mitigated or even completely avoided.
29. November 2022

HERMES 5.1 for projects of different sizes

We will show you how to use HERMES 5.1 to select the appropriate scenario and set up an effective project structure, depending on the size and […]
14. March 2022

Why classic project management and Scrum are not mutually exclusive

If classic project management and Scrum are combined sensibly, each individual in the project team can grow. We show how exactly this can look and why […]
10. February 2021

Project rescue through team building

Interim manager and project manager Stefan Vesenmeier demonstrates how he brought a project threatening to fail to a successful conclusion within just four months.
19. January 2021

Migration of an Application Environment

As program manager responsible for migrating the entire application landscape after a company split, Stefan Eckert shows how to rebuild the infrastructure successfully.
6. October 2020

People in daily project work

While it is the people who make projects exciting and drive them forward in the first place, they can also be a decisive factor that promotes […]